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BMR Important Dates
July 31 -  Claim Window Closes
Aug 1 - Trade Deadline (Midnight)
Aug 1 - Full released player penalty
August 28 - Playoff Roster Lock
February 1 - Resigns Due
February 15 - Player Drop Deadline
March 1 - Begin Minor League Draft
March 11 - Free Agent Draft Meeting
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30 Morgan
31 Perez
2 Bench
1 Rose
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Need to see where your team is slated to draft in 2016?  Want to know where that draft pick you are trading for is slotted? Click here to see the entire 2016 draft order.
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Our resident draft gurus try to tackle the unpredictable BMR Baseball free agent draft.

Williamson Mock 2.0
Rowley Mock 4.0
2016 BMR Baseball Rule Changes
Jan 24 3:16 PM
Changes to the BMR Baseball rulebook have been published.  Many reminders from 2015 are included, along with the main change to 2016, which involves cash trading.  There is now a luxury tax for trading for more than $10 million dollars, along with salary cap floors.  A reminder that the salary floors do not pertain to actual player spending, but to the amount of cash a team has on hand for the season.

2016 BMR Rule Changes
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League Update
Feb 18 9:02 PM
Two news items to update everyone on- first, we will no longer be meeting for the draft on March 12.  Early reports indicated that less than half of the league would be able to attend, so we have decided to conduct the draft offline.  We will begin some time the week of the 22nd, but we will announce the start time soon.  Secondly, we have a change of ownership to announce.  Jeff Stine will be taking over the former Moose Knuckles franchise effective immediately.  We will allow Jeff to release any minor league players he chooses and select players on the back end of the minor league draft.  All owners should receive an updated contact sheet with Jeff's information.
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